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Could low salt intake increase mortality risk?
Tues September 10, 2013
"...the group with the lowest level of chloride present in their blood had a 20% increased risk of mortality, compared with those who had higher chloride levels... ...Everything in moderation...

An Apple a Day Keeps Cholesterol at Bay?
Thur April 14, 2011
"...experienced a 32% decline in C-reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation in the body and a risk factor for heart disease... ...Sounds good to me...

Small daily aspirin dose 'cuts cancer risk'
Mon December 6, 2010
"...patients who were given aspirin had a 25% lower risk of death from cancer during the trial period and a 10% reduction in death from any cause... ...But don't overdo it...

Replacing White Rice with Brown Rice or Other Whole Grains May Reduce Diabetes Risk
Fri July 2, 2010
"...replacing 50 grams of white rice (just one third of a typical daily serving) with the same amount of brown rice would lower risk of type 2 diabetes by 16%. Properly cooked, brown rice tastes just as good as white rice.

...dietary supplement may block cancer cells
Tue June 29, 2010
"...a substance that is produced when eating broccoli and Brussels sprouts can block the proliferation of cancer cells..... Eat your broccoli...It's good for you.

For Canada's obsese, exercise alone isn't going to cut it
Mon March 8, 2010
"the amount of exercise needed to cause significant weight loss is more than most free-living individuals are capable of undertaking. In general, he says, that holds for anyone who has stepped onto a treadmill hoping to lose weight. " Exercise is still good for general health....

Back treatment 'has few benefits'
Wed Mar 22, 2006
"Spinal manipulation - which is used by chiropractors and osteopaths in the UK to treat neck and back pain - is of little help, researchers have said." Now just relax....this is totally useless....

OTC Cough Syrups Really Don't Work
Tue Jan 08, 2006
"There's no scientific evidence to suggest that the over-the-counter cough medicines that line pharmacy shelves really work, a leading physicians' group has concluded." **Cough** **Cough**

Consumer Reports: Organic Food
Tue Jan 08, 2006
"Know when it pays to buy organic food products to reduce your exposure to pesticides and other additives, when it might sometimes pay, and when it’s a waste of your money." Yummy....

Water may be just as effective as cough syrup
Tue Jul 06, 2004
"A glass of water will do as much to relieve your child's cough as an expensive, over-the-counter cough syrup, a new study suggests." Say awwwww....

Folate in Food May Reduce Heart Disease
Fri Mar 05, 2004
"Adding the vitamin folate to flour, a practice begun in 1996 to prevent birth defects, also appears to have a striking effect against cardiovascular disease, preventing an estimated 48,000 deaths a year from strokes and heart attacks..." Maybe a few carbs are a good idea...

Vitamins E, C cut Alzheimer's risk
Tue Jan 20, 2004
"People of retirement age who took supplements of both vitamin E and C daily saw their risk of Alzheimer's disease plummet by almost 80 per cent..." It is also helpful for people who suffer from migraines...

Baby food packaging prompts cancer fears
Thu Oct 16, 2003
"...food safety agency recommended yesterday that baby food manufacturers change the lids on their jars as soon as possible because of cancer concerns..." Have you tried baby food? It tastes REALLY bad in any case.

Aspirin as Good for Migraine as Newer Drug
Fri Sep 12, 2003
"...headaches were less severe or had disappeared completely in over half the patients who took Aspirin..." Warning: Not recommended for pregnant women or children.

Tight ties may be bad for eyes
Tue Jul 29, 2003
Men who tie their neckties too tightly could be increasing their risk of a sight destroying disease, new research suggests. Scientists found that a tight necktie caused an increase in pressure in the eye, which is one of the leading risk factors for the disease. ...Glaucoma is the risk cited in this report...

Happy People May Have More Immunities To Common Cold
Tue Jul 22, 2003
People who are energetic, happy and relaxed are less likely to catch colds, while those who are depressed, nervous or angry are more likely to complain about cold symptoms ..."Don't Worry/Be Happy"...

Cosmetic lenses risk eyesight
Mon Jul 14, 2003
The fad for coloured or patterned contact lenses which alter the colour of the wearer's eyes could lead to blindness and disease, say experts. ...What do you want the world to see in you?...

“Coffee cocktail” may limit stroke damage
Mon Apr 14, 2003
A new experimental drug that has the potency of two strong cups of coffee combined with an alcoholic drink may help limit brain damage from a stroke, say US researchers. ...It needs to be administered within three hours of the stroke...

Clues to stopping heart attack damage
Fri Nov 1, 12:09 GMT
The heart has its own in-built protection system to prevent damage from heart attacks - and doctors are hoping to harness it. Would you like a banana with that "apple a day?"

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